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Master noun \ˈmas-tər\  a workman qualified to teach apprentices, an artist, player or performer of consummate skill.

IALEFI 2015 Training
Registration List

June 23-25 Erie County NY

July 29-31 Harlingen TX

August 10-12 Monroeville PA

August 19-21 Dalton NH

August 25-27 Salem OR

September 1-3 Cherokee County GA

September 9-11 Hastings NE

September 14-16 Amarillo TX

September 21-23 Henderson KY

September 28-30 Grant County WA

October 1-2 Freeport NY (RTC)

October 5-7 Salt Lake City UT

October 13-15 London OH

November 2-4 Las Vegas NV

November 2-4 Pasadena, TX

November 9-11 Belchertown MA

November 18-20 Tucson, AZ

We are currently scheduling for 2015 - if you are interested in hosting please contact us for more information - info@ialefi.com
(603) 524-8787

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Issue 57

We are looking for 2015 Master Instructor Development Program Hosts!

Thinking about hosting a Master Instructor Development Program

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 State of the Association - from President R. Steven Johnson



Master Instructor Development Programs and Regional Training Conferences
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To the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, Inc.®.  As an IALEFI® member or a first time visitor, I hope that you find this site helpful and you become a regular visitor to the site.  The staff and Board of Directors of IALEFI® continue to attempt to provide you, the membership, with new and relevant topics and current updates.  Please take a few moments to browse this site.  We are currently in the process of setting up the 2016 Annual Training Conference, when we have details they will be posted.  We are just coming back from the 2015 ATC held in West Palm Beach, FL.... it was fantastic!!!    Hopefully we'll see you at the next conference!

As you browse the site, you will notice the section on the IALEFI® emblem products.  See what we have, see what you need.  Visit the, “Members Only” section.  This “forum” offers nearly forty different topics for you to ask questions, answer questions, or just provide useful information to other members.  Training is about sharing; sharing your knowledge with others, learning from the experience of others. Make sure to “Like Us" on Facebook to keep up with activities! 

As a member, or, a welcomed visitor, we seek your input.  Tell us what you want, tell us what you are interested in.  Be a part of the total training experience.  Look at the web site, read the Firearms Instructor Magazine, or, write an article for publication, attend a Regional Training Conference, host a Regional Training Conference, and finally, be a part of the IALEFI® family by joining us in an Annual Training Conference for the premier firearms training conference in the world.

I wish the best of luck to each of you.  Enjoy the web site and let us hear from you. 

Finally, train today to survive tomorrow.  Be Safe!

Steve Johnson
President, IALEFI®


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2015 Master instructor firearms development Program Description

   The IALEFI Master Instructor Development Program (MIDP) was designed to provide continuing education to individuals certified as firearms instructors. Foundation courses of the MIDP include instructor level training on the three most commonly utilized law enforcement weapon systems-------- handgun, rifle and shotgun. Alternative topics such as low light, concealed carry and shoot house instructor may be offered at the request of the host.

   Different proven methodologies will be used to enhance the teaching skills of the police firearms instructor. Hands-on skills will progress from the basics to the more complex and all participants regardless of skill level will find themselves challenged. Practical exercise will put an emphasis on both practical marksmanship and operational skills.

   Throughout the 3 day program, participants will be shown a number of drills designed to improve the performance of both proficient and problem shooters. The information presented will prove especially useful in creating a positive training experience that will ultimately result in greater officer safety.

Topics covered:

* range safety

* review of shooting fundamentals/positions

* operational skills

* basic tactics such as movement, use of cover, light management, etc.

* shooter remediation

* adult learning concepts

* coaching strategies

* course design


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To those who have served, and are serving now,  thank you from those of us who sleep under the blanket of security you provide. IALEFI® has long recognized and appreciated our members who are either active duty military personnel, or, military reservist.   In a way of expressing our gratitude to those who serve, we would like to acknowledge those individuals in this special area of our web site.

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