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Cortland, NEW YORK
July 30 - August 1, 2012

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    The IALEFI Master Instructor development program is not a “shooting school” per se, but rather an experience to make you a better communicator in imparting critical survival skills. It is specifically designed for individuals already certified as firearms instructors to continue their education and attend quality training at minimum cost.


   Focus will be on the enhancement of teaching skills on the three primary law enforcement weapon systems---handgun, shotgun and rifle. A full day of instruction will be provided on each system by individuals who are recognized subject matter experts in their respective disciplines. An additional block of training on low light threat management will also be offered.     

Students will be exposed to a number of skill building and evaluation drills. Live fire exercises will be both demanding and challenging and attendees should be in good physical condition. Our goal is to provide a quality service so that we may better prepare our law enforcement officers who go in harms way.  



The Handgun - Dave Spaulding - This will be a handgun course aimed at building the Instructional skills of the police firearms instructor. We will start with a review and discussion of the basics, including: stance, grip, sight, alignment, trigger control, follow through, holster placement, draw, presentation and scanning. Students will then be shown a series of drills and tools designed to improve problem shooters and enhance the skills of all their shooters.


  The Rifle - Mike Boyle - The rifle / carbine portion of the Master Instructor Development Course is an 8-hour class. In the first half of the class emphasis will be placed on individual skill enhancement. Topics will include balancing speed and accuracy, multiple target engagements, dynamic moving and shooting, and bi-lateral shooting. In the second half of the course, the emphasis will be on instructor development for creating and conducting advance tactical multi-person live fire drills for the rifle / carbine operators. Students will participate in the drills as both a "student" and as an "instructor".  

The Shotgun - LouAnn Hamblin -
Despite its tremendous utility value, the shotgun remains an underutilized and misunderstood tool. Many of the negative attitudes relative to the shotgun stem from improper training, and as a result officers never develop confidence in this particular weapon system. This block of instruction will explore alternate instructional techniques to make training with the shotgun a positive rather than negative experience.  




Dave Spaulding - is a 32 year law enforcement and private security veteran. Dave has been involved in small arms training for almost 3 decades. Having worked in all facets of law enforcement including patrol, investigations, undercover operations, training and SWAT, he is a graduate of most all of the major firearms and tactical operations schools. He is the author of almost 1,000 articles that have appeared in major newsstands and trade periodicals over the last twenty years. He is also the author of the bestselling book, Defensive Living and Handgun Combatives. He is a highly regarded instructor and was recently named ILEETA’s 2010 Law Enforcement Trainer of the Year.

Captain Mike Boyle served 27 years with the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife, Bureau of Law Enforcement.  Mike was responsible for all aspects of pre-service and in-service training and also supervised the internal affairs section of his agency.  He has also been an assistant police academy director and continues to participate in both recruit and instructor level training.  A frequent contributor to firearms and law enforcement journals, Mike has authored over 500 published articles on police equipment, tactics, and training.  He is a certified instructor in multiple uses of force disciplines including handgun, shotgun, rifle, SMG, impact weapons, and unarmed self defense.  Since 1996, Mike has served on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors.

Lou Ann Hamblin: Lou Ann has been in law enforcement since 1990 and currently works for the patrol division and the training division of a Michigan-based police department. Lou Ann has had many roles during her law enforcement career to include uniform patrol, bike patrol, undercover narcotics and prostitution operations, and a temporary assignment with a DEA Task Force.

Lou Ann instructs locally and nationally in the areas of instructor development, officer survival, training for female officers and specialty units to include presentations at: The International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA), the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA), and the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI), and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Annual Trainer’s conferences. Lou Ann is a certified firearms and defensive tactics instructor in a variety of disciplines. She is a Team One Network adjunct instructor and H/KMaster Pistol Instructor. She is a certified police and EMS cycling instructor and has taught at IPMBA’s international conference since 1999 to include: The Night Ops Firearms and Tactics Course (NOFAT), Survival Tactics and Advanced Riding Skills Course (STARS), Advanced Police Cyclist Course, and the Basic Police Cyclist Course.
Lou Ann has written articles published in the area of firearms training that have appeared in police publications including Law and Order, Police Marksman, IALEFI’S “Firearms Instructor” and the IPMBA Newsletter. Lou Ann also authored the firearms chapter of _The Complete Guide to Public Safety Cycling_, 2^nd Edition for IPMBA. She currently serves on IALEFI®’s Board of Directors and as an Advisory Board Member for and is a consultant and presenter with Calibre Press-Street Survival Seminars.

Lou Ann is a part-time faculty member with the Washtenaw Community College Police Academy in the physical skills areas and administers the MCOLES physical agility pre-test. She is also the Law Enforcement In-service Training Coordinator for Wayne County Regional Police Academy. She holds a master’s degree in Human Performance Technology and Instructional Design from the University of Michigan. Lou Ann co-owns the Michigan-based training company LouKa Tactical Training which specializes in designing functional training for specialty units such as survival training for school resource officers, and police/EMS and security cyclists, fitness and wellness for public safety. Lou Ann can be reached at: or at




Accommodations available at the Ramada Cortland, 2 River St., Cortland NY 13045 (607) 756-4431. 


Course Requirements:

1) Pistol and holster, 400 rounds, and 10 dummy rounds  

2) Semi-auto rifle with a sling, 500 rounds and 3 magazines  

3) Shotgun, pistol, 120 rounds (at least 20 rounds buckshot, 10 rounds slugs, bird shot okay for the rest 15 rifled slugs for shotgun.)

5) A Black Marker, wrap around eye protection, ear protection and brimmed hat

6) Optional low light course, bring additional 100 rounds and flashlight.

7) Hydration fluids and snacks




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