Master noun \ˈmas-tər\  a workman qualified to teach apprentices, an artist, player or performer of consummate skill.

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    The IALEFI Master Instructor development program is not a “shooting school” per se, but rather an experience to make you a better communicator in imparting critical survival skills. It is specifically designed for individuals already certified as firearms instructors to continue their education and attend quality training at minimum cost.    

Focus will be on the enhancement of teaching skills on the three primary law enforcement weapon systems---handgun, shotgun and rifle. A full day of instruction will be provided on each system by individuals who are recognized subject matter experts in their respective disciplines. An additional block of training on low light threat management will also be offered.    

Students will be exposed to a number of skill building and evaluation drills. Live fire exercises will be both demanding and challenging and attendees should be in good physical condition. Our goal is to provide a quality service so that we may better prepare our law enforcement officers who go in harms way. 

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