"Do you have what it takes?" ................

Master noun \ˈmas-tər\  a workman qualified to teach apprentices, an artist, player or performer of consummate skill.

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Michial Dunlap
1st Vice President
Emanuel Kapelsohn, PA
2nd Vice President
Don Smith, FL
3rd Vice President 
Greg Pickering , OR
Bill Leanos, MA
Ken Farren, TX
Mike Beckley, SC
Robert D. Bossey, NH
Mike Boyle, NJ Richard Crays, WY
Lou Ann Hamblin, MI Mike Johnson, FL
R. Steven Johnson, NC
John T. Meyer, Jr., VA
O. Frank Repass, FL

To those who have served, and are serving now,  thank you from those of us who sleep under the blanket of security you provide. IALEFI® has long recognized and appreciated our members who are either active duty military personnel, or, military reservist.   In a way of expressing our gratitude to those who serve, we would like to acknowledge those individuals in this special area of our web site.

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