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Master noun \ˈmas-tər\  a workman qualified to teach apprentices, an artist, player or performer of consummate skill.

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Frequently Asked Questions..
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What is IALEFI....
The International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, Inc. is a membership organization organized in 1981 by a group of concerned firearms instructors.

They recognized the need for a way to update and modernize the instruction and teaching techniques used to train the majority of law enforcement officers.

It is an independent, non-profit association supported by dues and managed by a Board of Directors elected from among the active members.

If a few short years, IALEFI has grown to include in it's membership law enforcement firearms instructors from federal, state, county, local, and private agencies.  Additionally, foreign countries are represented from as close as our Canadian neighbors, to as far as Hong Kong and Saipan.  IALEFI addresses the universal problems encountered by all professional engaged in the field of firearms instruction.

What are the aims and purposes?... 
As defined by the bylaws, IALEFI was organized and is dedicated to:  Encouraging the development and operation of training programs to firearms instructors among law enforcement, security, criminal justice, and investigative agencies and organizations, and encouraging the development of teaching skills among those engaged in the firearms training of public service personnel and the development and criteria for certification of law enforcement firearms instructors, and continually reviewing the needs for firearms training and encouraging the development, improvement and conduct of programs to meet those needs and conducting an Annual Training Conference to provide members with education in the latest techniques and technologies available to the law enforcement firearms instructor.
Membership and Eligibility...
Affiliation with IALEFI will provide you with further accreditation of a recognized organization, outside of your own agency, to add to your portfolio of credentials, for the teaching of others in the critical field of firearms instruction.  Applicants for Active Membership are carefully screened to ensure that all are qualified professionals.
Who is Eligible for Membership?....
Active Membership is open to firearms instructors professionally engaged in training law enforcement, security, criminal justice, and investigative personnel. Associate Membership is available to other individuals who are not so engaged professionally, but are interested in furthering the aims and purposes of the Association.  Sponsor Membership is open to those corporations or individuals who wish to support IALEFI through dues.
Membership Directory....
How many times have you wanted to contact other agencies, because your department was considering new ammunition, a different weapon, or a new shooting program?  The membership directory will get you directly to the person (name, address, phone and email if available) who can provide the needed information - your fellow firearms instructor.  Another way to network with fellow instructors is through the web site in the members area, do you have a question, or a  thought/idea to share, need feedback on a program, piece of equipment, then the discussion forum is the place to go.
Magazines and Publications....
Members are informed through the IALEFI quarterly magazine, The Firearms Instructor which includes articles, training tips, reports and news of interest to the professional firearms instructor.  Members are encouraged to write articles for publication in the magazine.  IALEFI also publishes Firearms Training Standards for Law Enforcement Personnel, Standards & Practices Reference Guide for Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, a Tactical Course Handbook, and offers a Handgun Safety Check video and booklet.
What is an ATC, and RTC?.... 
The Annual Training Conference (ATC) is planned to provide seminars on subjects of topical interest to law enforcement firearms instructors.  Experts are invited to provide an introduction in understanding their specialty so that attendees can evaluate the need for additional training and equipment.  The ATC will also provide you with the opportunity to meet and interact with fellow firearms instructors, exchange information and ideas, and interact, see and evaluate products and technologies presented through manufacturers' displays. 

RTC's - Currently IALEFI schedules one ATC per year, throughout the remainder of the year, IALEFI sponsors what is referred to as RTC's, Regional Training Conferences.  These are held in various parts of the United States, as well as in other regions throughout the World.  The RTC is smaller than an ATC in that they usually run one, two or three days, and can usually accommodate, in some cases, up to 60 participants depending on the location.  The purposes of an RTC are to:

Provide state of the art training in relevant use of force skills and subject control skills that are considered tactically and legally acceptable

To provide a training program that is responsive to the specific needs of the region in which it is offered.

To increase IALEFI membership through direct exposure to professional training.

To provide an intense training program of short duration that is cost effective in tuition, travel expenses and manpower scheduling.

To increase the frequency of quality training in a specific region beyond what is currently being offered.

When and where is the ATC?.....
Potentional host agencies submit proposals to hold the IALEFI ATC in their area.  The benefits for hosting an ATC are many, exposure of your organization, financial impact on your area, more opportunity for your people to train.  The Board of Directors considers each proposal and selects the best site for the following year.  The ATC moves around the Country to give all members the an opportunity to attend.
Why should I host an RTC?....
By hosting an RTC, you will bring some of the most up-to-date training to your area.  Your department or agency will build its reputation as a leader in providing training to not only its own members, but to other firearms instructors in your region.  If you host an RTC and attend the ATC, your  ATC registration fee would be waived.
What does an RTC Host do?....
We depend on the local member who would like to serve as a host for an RTC to provide us with information on the range site available, classroom space available, names of local motels/hotels near the actual RTC site and what he/she feels the site can accommodate in participants.   We also depend on the host to advise us what areas of instruction they feel would be relevant to their needs, along with the names and backgrounds of local instructors that they would like to use.  We ask the host to provide names and addresses of local law enforcement agencies where the RTC brochures can be mailed to when completed, and where possible to advertise the RTC on local teletype/computers.
What does IALEFI do?....
IALEFI, through it's Regional Training Coordinator, arranges for the printing and mailing of a brochure which is mailed out to all IALEFI members within that Region.  The brochure is sent to other area law enforcement agencies in the surrounding are of the RTC for posting within their respective departments.  The IALEFI office arranges for insurance for the RTC, where needed the contracting with instructors from within the IALEFI network to teach at the conference, the processing of registrations, handling of billings, produces the certificates of training, along with other paperwork necessary following the RTC.  When necessary the Regional Training Coordinator will go to the RTC and meet with the local host to help coordinate the event.
Who do I contact for information on membership, hosting an ATC or RTC, submitting articles, or just have a question?...

Email Executive Director
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To those who have served, and are serving now,  thank you from those of us who sleep under the blanket of security you provide. IALEFI® has long recognized and appreciated our members who are either active duty military personnel, or, military reservist.   In a way of expressing our gratitude to those who serve, we would like to acknowledge those individuals in this special area of our web site.

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