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Upcoming Training


Complete Range Master Course - Arlington TX

Arlington Police Dept. Training Center - Arlington, TX


Master Instructor Development Program - Marion County OR 23-06

Marin County Sheriff's Office - Salem, OR


Master Instructor Development Program Samarcand Training Academy NC

Samarcand Training Academy - Eagle Springs, NC


Pistol Mounted Red Dot Sight Instructor

Amarillo Police Department Firing Range - Amarillo, TX


Complete RangeMaster Course

South Texas College Regional Center for Public Safety Excellance - Pharr, Te


Firearms Instructor Course Jonesboro IN

Deer Creek Conservation Club - Jonesboro, IN


2022 ATC Exhibitors

Check out the videos from our ATC exhibitors -- 

Team One Network - VIDEO


Streamlight - VIDEO

LouKa Tactical - VIDEO

Reactionary Gap - VIDEO

Winchester Ammunition - VIDEO


Welcome to the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, Inc. 

IALEFI is a non-profit member association comprised of law enforcement, military, and security firearms instructors.  Since our inception in 1981, IALEFI has been dedicated to sharing knowledge, experiences, and skills with our members.   A dedicated group of professionals working hard to help teach, inform, and mentor the Instructors who provide the essential information and training to those who protect the public every day.  

Through our Firearms Instructor Course, regional training programs, instructor development courses, and our Annual Training Conference, IALEFI offers its members world class training opportunities.  These events provide a platform for professional growth, and the ability to establish lifelong professional relationships.  This networking serves to advance the goals of the organization and IALEFI members.

Please check our training calendar to see what training is available.  Don’t see a class close to you?  Contact our office to inquire about hosting a class.  Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 

Train hard today.  You might be fighting for your life tomorrow!

Stay safe and stay vigilant!

Greg Pickering

IALEFI President